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ED submits TV-refrigerator bills as evidence in money laundering case against Hemant Soren

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Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren was arrested by the Law Enforcement Directorate in a land grab case for money laundering. He is currently in jail.

Mr. Hemant Soren, Chief Minister of Jharkhand (Image courtesy: Facebook/@HemantSorenJMM)

New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate has produced invoices (invoices) for refrigerators and smart TVs against former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren as evidence to support his claim of illegal acquisition of 8.86 acres of land. law This is worth more than Rs 31 crore.

According to the Indian Express report, the Central Investigation Agency received these receipts from two dealers in Ranchi. and attached to the charge sheet against Soren, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader, and four others last month.

A special PMLA court headed by Justice Rajeev Ranjan in Ranchi took up notice of the plaintiff’s complaint on April 4.

Soren was arrested by the ED on January 31 in a money laundering case related to the alleged land seizure. Shortly after he resigned from his position as Premier. He is currently in judicial custody in Bursa Munda Hotwar Ranchi Prison.

According to the ED, both the items were purchased in the name of Santosh Manda’s family. Manda told the agency that he had been living in the said land (8.86 acres) for 14-15 years and was looking after Hemant Sore’s property. n

The agency used Manda’s statement to refute Sorin’s claim that he had no connection with the land. The ED also denied the claim of a man named Rajkumar Pahan to a piece of land. Accusing him of being Soren’s ‘mask’ to keep the property under his control.

According to the information from the Central Bureau of Investigation This land is basically the property of “Bhawanhari”. which cannot be transferred or sold under normal circumstances And only the “Manda” and “Pahan” people own such land.

The ED claims that the property was later sold by the original allottees to some people, but Surin ‘evicted’ them and took control of the land in 2010-11.

Santosh Manda also told ED that Hemant Soren and his wife Kalpana had visited the land. ‘A few times’ and Manda had worked as a laborer when a boundary wall was being built on the land.

The ED claims that Manda was entrusted with the property at the behest of Soren, apart from Hilarys Kuchap, another accused in the case. An electric meter was installed there.

The refrigerator was purchased in the name of Manda’s son in February 2017, while the Smart TV was purchased in the name of his daughter in November 2022, the agency said. Both purchases were made at the same address. in Ranchi, where the land is located.

Therefore, the ED said, it ‘proved’ that Santosh Manda and his family resided in the said land. and was not in the possession of accused Rajkumar Pahan.

The agency claims that Rajkumar Pahan acted as a mask for Hemant Soren to make the property appear to be in the possession of Pahan and his family members. and to defeat the evidence against Soren and escape the crime. Income can be hidden

The ED has entered these two charge sheets as evidence and attached them to the charge sheet under the category. “Reliable Documents” have sought to prosecute Soren and others under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

It is explained that in the 191-page charge sheet, accused Soren, Rajkumar Pahan, Hilarys Kachap, Bhanu Pratap Prasad and Binod Singh, the ED seized the land on March 30 and had a value of more than Rs 31.07 crore.

This alleged case of land seizure was brought to the notice of the agency during the investigation into another money laundering case in 2022. In that case, 4.55 acres of the Ministry of Defence’s land in Morabadi Ranchi was “fraudulent”.

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