ED to record K Kavita’s testimony in Delhi Excise Policy case on March 11 IG News

He may face Hyderabad-based businessman Arun Pillai, who was arrested on Wednesday as Pillai is also from the South Group.

“The South group was represented by Abhishek Boinapalli, Arun Pillai and Buchi Babu. Boinapalli in collusion and conspiracy with Nair and his associate Dinesh Arora facilitated the transfer of Rs 100 crore in kickbacks. Now we find Pillai confronting Kavitha. Will happen.” said a source.

The ED on Wednesday questioned Manish Sisodia for hours in connection with an alleged bribe of Rs 100 crore that AAP party/leaders received through hawala channel from South Group.

The source said that Kavita will be confronted with Sisodia’s statement.


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