Educational trip or neighborhood Jalsa! Teachers, teachers and students are dancing in the bus IG News

Ivy Adak, Howrah: educational trip or a night jalsa in the neighborhood! There is no way to understand. The video of Howrah school teachers dancing enthusiastically in “Do Ghoot” and “Naagin” dances is now viral. However, the media did not verify the authenticity of that video.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, school teachers are seen dancing with the students to catchy Hindi songs inside the bus. Sometimes there is a string of “Naagin Naagin”, sometimes “Do Ghut Mujhevi Pila De Sharabi”. And everyone is dancing to this song. The catchy dance in the bus on the way to the school’s educational trip has now gone viral.

A controversy has arisen in this incident of a famous school in Santragachi, Howrah. It is learned that students of Class XI and XII Geography were taken from the school to Bakkhali for an educational trip on August 3. And there is that boisterous dance in the bus.