Eknath Shhinde: Shambhuraj, Awade, Abitkar, Babar in the race for ministerial post; Shambhuraj desai awade abitkar babar yadravkar are in the race for the ministry post

Gurubal Mali, Kolhapur

It is now almost certain that the BJP and Shinde faction will come to power in the state and many people from South Maharashtra are vying for ministerial posts in this government. The situation is likely to recur with more claimants and fewer ministers. At present, Prakash Awade, Vinay Kore, Shambhuraj Desai, Shivendra Raje Bhosale, Jayakumar Gore, Prakash Abitkar, Anil Babar, Rajendra Yadravkar and Shahajibapu Patil are in the news. (shambhuraj desai awade abitkar babar yadravkar are in the race for the ministry post)

In South Maharashtra, all the MLAs elected under the Shiv Sena symbol have now joined the Shinde faction, so the question is whether all of them will now get the ministerial post. But that is not possible. Because BJP will have to give ministerial posts to allied parties like Jansurajya. Basically, the Shinde faction is likely to get nine to ten ministerial posts, including the Deputy Chief Minister’s post. There are many veteran leaders of the army in the race for this post. Therefore, only nine to ten MLAs out of forty will get ministerial posts. This is likely to include two or three MLAs from South Maharashtra.

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Shambhu Raje Desai is currently the Minister. As he is the first minister to join the Shinde faction, he can definitely be considered for the ministry post. Apart from this, Mahesh Shinde from Satara district can also assert his rights. Anil Babar was the only Shiv Sena MLA in Sangli district. Since he went with the Shinde faction, his inclusion in the cabinet is considered certain. Despite being elected four times, he did not get the ministerial post. Apart from this, Suresh Khade’s name will be at the forefront on behalf of BJP in Sangli district.

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At present in Kolhapur district, there is a lot of competition for four ministerial posts. After the 2019 elections, Prakash Awade immediately joined the BJP. It is rumored that he will be rewarded for his ministry. Awade can also be a cabinet minister and district guardian minister. Apart from this, Vinay Kore’s name is being discussed. Because after the election, he has also supported BJP. Twice he was a minister, so he can claim his position.

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Abitkar was the only MLA from the district to be elected on an Sena ticket, but Yadravkar was given a chance without being made a minister. This upset Abitkar. Out of this resentment, he chose to go with the Shinde group. Abitkar is expecting to get what he did not get two and a half years ago. Even after being given the ministerial post by Shiv Sena, Yadravkar has gone with Shinde at the last moment. Therefore, a big question like Yadravkar or Abitkar is likely to arise in front of Shinde.

South Maharashtra is likely to get a maximum of four or five ministerial posts. The claimants, however, are more than ten. On behalf of BJP, Awade, Shivendra Raje Bhosale and Suresh Khade are more likely to get ministerial posts, while there is talk that Shahajibapu Patil, Yadravkar and Shambhuraje Desai will get ministerial prizes from the Shinde group quota.



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