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Ishan Parmar, KhedBrahma: KhedBrahma Vidhan Sabha means three talukas viz Vijayanagar, KhedBrahma and Poshina are included here. Talking about Ashwin Kotwal, he is a native of Parwath of Vijayanagar taluka of Sabarkantha district. His entire family is involved in politics. His father has been president and member of Taluka Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat and his wife has also been president and member of Taluka Panchayat. Ashwin Kotwal’s son has also been the president of Vijayanagar Taluka Panchayat. Amar Singh Chowdhury reached out to all the people again and then joined the Congress in elections from 2007 and was elected as an MLA in 2007, 2012 and 2017.

BJP Congress face each other in Khed Brahma

Ashwin Kotwal, who is a youth leader and tribal leader, has also been a leader of the Legislative Assembly. On 2nd May 2022, Kotwal left the hand of Congress and assumed the saffron of BJP. Now he is contesting the election against the son of Amar Singh Chaudhary, who is considered his guru. Tushar Chaudhary who is the son of Amar Singh Chaudhary. Thus, this area is considered the stronghold of Congress and Congress has been winning here for years. Only after the death of Amar Singh Chaudhary did the BJP win the by-election for a few years. In 1995, 1998 and 2002, Amar Singh Chaudhary contested elections.Also Read: Congress model has destroyed Gujarat, ruined entire country: PM Modi in Mehsana

This area is a stronghold of Congress

This time in 1995 59822 votes and BJP’s Becharbhai Bara got 33310 votes, in 1998 Amarsingh Chaudhary got 54725 votes and BJP’s Makwana Vastabhai 29066 votes while in 2022 Amarsingh got 65142 votes. Along with this, BJP’s Ramilaben Bara got 54219 votes. That is, many Congress stalwarts including Amar Singh won elections from here, so this area is also considered as Ajay Garh of Congress.

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Will the power of Congress remain here?

Talking about Tushar Chaudhary, he has also been elected as a two-term MP. Along with this, he has also been elected as an MLA once. This time also he has been announced by the Congress as a candidate from the KhedBrahma assembly seat. He is saying that this time also the influence of Congress will remain unchanged. And for all the people he knows, he is claiming victory. But ultimately the result is in the hands of the people. Because, this time BJP is doing a good campaign in the tribal area.

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