Election Commission of India Suspends BBMP Special Commissioner Rangappa And Bengaluru DC Srinivas IG News

The Central Election Commission has intervened and suspended two IAS officers in the voter ID illegal case in Bangalore.

Voter ID illegal: BBMP Special Commissioner, Bangalore DC suspended

New Delhi/Bangalore: The Central Election Commission has intervened in the illegal voter ID card revision case at the BBMP Vapi in Bangalore and has slapped the Karnataka Election Commission. The Central Election Commission has suspended two IAS officers, BBMP Special Commissioner Rangappa and Bangalore District Collector Srinivas, in connection with the collection of confidential information of voters by a private organization and ordered an investigation.

Apart from BBMP, Khadak has instructed to appoint a special officer for revision of voter ID. Taking one step further, the Central Election Commission has also suggested not to use the data collected so far and 100% voter revision should be done again in three constituencies of Bangalore. Also, the Central Election Commission has directed the Chief Secretary and the State Election Commissioner to suspend the officials in charge of Chikkapet, Mahadevpur and Shivajinagar.

Special officers outside BBMP should be appointed for supervision. Scrutiny of voter lists should be conducted by the authorities. Any direct or indirect use of illegality should be ascertained. The Election Commission has instructed all the officials to find out about the collection of documents by the political parties.

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