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Election Commission says Ajit Pawar faction is right NCP – Election Commission says Ajit Pawar faction is right NCP IG News


The Election Commission has now accepted that Ajit Pawar’s faction in the NCP is the real NCP. This decision of the Commission is considered as a big victory for the Ajit Pawar faction.

In its decision in this regard, the commission said that the Ajit Pawar faction is the real NCP. He further said that Sharad Pawar’s faction will now be given a new name and election symbol on February 7.

After 10 hearings spanning about 6 months, the Election Commission said that most of the MLAs had helped Ajit’s NCP faction to get the party name and election symbol.

This is a big blow for Sharad Pawar’s NCP faction. After this decision of the Commission, Sharad Pawar’s group will no longer be considered as the real NCP. Sharad Pawar is the founder of NCP.

After this decision of the Commission, the challenges for Sharad Pawar increased. Now that the Lok Sabha elections are only a few months away, it will not be easy to take a party with a new name and symbol to the electorate and win the votes of the public.

Last year on July 2, 2023, NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s nephew and senior party leader Ajit Pawar revolted. He then quit the opposition and joined the ruling party. He joined the Shinde government in Maharashtra along with his 8 fellow MLAs. Ajit Pawar himself became the Deputy Chief Minister.

Ajit Pawar joined the NDA alliance with 40 NCP MLAs. His departure from the NDA coalition government also shocked the Indian alliance.

After rebelling against NCP leader Sharad Pawar, Ajit Pawar claimed to have majority in NCP. Only then did he ask for the name of the party and the electoral symbol.

While Sharad Pawar’s faction claimed the name and election symbol of the party as theirs. He demanded the disqualification of all 40 MPs who rebelled against the NCP, including Ajit Pawar.

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