Electricity crisis, people are forced to charge mobile phones by paying money IG News

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Due to power outages in India, people living in villages are facing severe problems and they are forced to pay money to charge their mobile phones and water pumping.

According to Indian media reports, the series of power cuts in the city of Gorakhpur in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh has been prolonged and the villagers who work privately in the nearby villages of the district are being charged Rs 10 for charging mobile phone batteries and pumping water. Operators charge Rs 50 for charging portable generators.

In a village called Belo on Saturday evening, people were seen queuing up for their turn to charge their mobile batteries and water pumps.

Dharmendra Gupta and Prashant Shukla, who were on the line, said that the electricity supply in their village has been disconnected since midnight on Friday due to which people have reached the shops for charging.