Emphasize first to the educational fathers in DMK!| Emphasize first to the fathers of education in DMK! IG News

Chief Minister Stalin: In our overpopulated country, government hospitals alone are not enough to provide modern medical services; Private contribution is also important. Fees set by private hospitals should help the poor. Education and medicine belong to the service sector; It should function as a service sector.

Daud Thanabalu: ‘Education and medicine are service sectors’, what if they first emphasized to the ‘fathers of education’ in their party, ‘Dout!’


Tamil Nadu Handloom Minister Gandhi: Free Vetti, Sarees Dispatched by Taluk from 15 Dec 2022 onwards. On January 9, the Chief Minister inaugurated the work of providing vetti and sarees in Chennai. It is wrong information that vetti and saree are not provided for Pongal festival. It is true that these works will be completed in February. Panneerselvam has forgotten that this has happened in the ADMK government as well. Not being able to tolerate that the project is working well, he is reprehensible for publishing false information.

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Daud Thanabalu: If ADMK was in power, Palaniswami is responsible for it… Panneerselvam would have thought that he was not responsible, it is ‘doubt’.


Anbumani, President of BMC: If DMK comes to power once, it will not come next time. Now, having come to power, it will definitely not come to power next time. ADMK, today is divided into four; They are confused. In the Erode East by-election, all ministers will serve as poll workers. Looted money will be raked.

Daud Thanabalu: What… There are reports that the DMK alliance has held secret talks with the DMK. , the leader will give an account, write ‘doubt’!

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