Encroachment | Campaign to remove encroachment from the main roads of Varangaon, stir in the encroachment IG News

Varangaon : Along with the main road leading to the city, other shopkeepers had encroached by setting up their shops in front of paved shops, due to which the passers-by were facing a lot of trouble. . Many times there was a demand from the public to remove the encroachments from the Municipal Council, keeping in mind that the removal of encroachments has been started by the Municipal Council.

Encroachment is prevalent in the city from Bhogavati to the railway station. Due to the encroachment, it has become difficult to walk on the road. This is the only way for school students to go and minor accidents often happen on this road. Pedestrians are in very bad condition due to encroachment. After informing the city council management about the problem of encroachment which has become a canker, the city council management has launched a special campaign to remove the encroachment. Removal of encroachments was started by removing encroachments in front of Bhangale complex. Citizens have requested to speed up this campaign started by the city council. There has been a demand to remove the encroachment without any damage in the entire Varangaon. While removing the encroachment, the encroachment holders sought permission from Administrative Officer Pankaj Suryavanshi.

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Ashish Adsul, Parshuram Dalvi, Praveen Patil, Kiran Patil, Pankaj Suryavanshi, Abhay Gutal, Azad Patel, Nishant Nagre, Gambhir Koli, Sanjay Mali, Raju Gaikwad, Deepak Bhangale, Mahendra More Gokul Bhoi, Ganesh Sapkale on the launch of the Remove Encroachment Campaign , Sunil Bhoi, Gautam Ingle etc. were present.


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