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Originally a public school, and then a remote area. The students stopped coming to the school to raise even the minimum facilities. After seeing the government school with two rooms and two teachers, parents also sent their children to a private school. This is the situation of Government Primary School in Balanagar village in Rajanna siricilla district Vemulawada municipal area. The school closed just over a year before Corona opened. The school was closed by the education authorities three years ago as not a single student was interested in studying here. But now the situation has changed. Teachers Uradi Ravi (raju) and Raju (raju) are working to bring the former glory to the public school.

The situation has changed with the door-to-door awareness on ‘Badi Bata’ ..

Primary school students in Balanagar village have been closed for three years. While all schools closed due to corona, the school closed a year earlier. However, although there are many children going to school in the Balanagar area, the teachers here have come up with the idea of ​​leaving the government school in the village and moving to another area. With the opening of full-fledged schools in Telangana from this year, this time the teachers Ravi and Raju are all set to bring the students into slavery anyway. At the same time, the Telangana state government wanted to reach out to students and parents with the ambitious “Professor Jayashankar Badi Bata” program. As expected, the teachers, including teacher Uradi Ravi, accompanied the king back home to educate the parents of the students. From this year, English medium has also been made available in public schools and we are providing quality education without having to spend a single rupee.

Unexpected response from parents of students ..

Strengthening Teacher Ravi’s desire to bring prestige to Balanagar Primary School .. 18 students learned the alphabet in this school on the same day. . Afterwards, the zonal education officer .. Bannaji said .. suggested to take advantage of the free education provided by the government. He said parents should take advantage of the opportunity offered by surviving a public school that provides quality education without having to spend a single rupee.

Leaving private schools and going to public school ..

With the re-opening of the primary school in Balanagar village, the parents of the students took admissions here with the introduction of English medium. Teachers are excited that some students who go to private school are also happy to come to public school this year. Many members of the public and the colony appreciated the teacher’s efforts to bring prestige to the school. Teacher Ravi said that they are working hard to make this school an excellent school.

Ravi said the Badi Bata program has helped students enroll in government schools. He said it was gratifying that English medium teaching was being made available in public schools as well as private corporate schools. Teacher Ravi urges every single parent to take note of this and work hard for the quality education provided in the public school to their children.

However, the minimum facilities at Balanagar Primary School were lacking. Over the three years the look of management or school has changed. Students are sitting on the floor. Teachers also buy and bring good water to drink. Students and parents want the zonal educators to respond and provide minimum facilities for students and teachers.

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Rajanna Sirisilla District

Rajanna Sirisilla District

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