Entitled parents want free birthday presents ‘because it’s their birthday’ and it’s massive stuff IG News

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The latest in an occasional series, the deserving parent of the week is definitely this man who wanted a ‘princess call’ for his child’s birthday.

And they wanted it free because, er, it’s their kid’s birthday. And that’s quite an argument…

The exchange was shared by Redditor PaySep03 Who said: ‘It’s his birthday…’

This is probably a guy people aren’t used to knowing (but people are used to calling him a massive ‘hole’).

And here are some of the things people have said about it.

‘You have to wonder how they really believe that calling you a bitch will have a positive outcome for them.’

‘I have no idea … I even tried a discount!’

‘You are a saint. Ten bucks for a half hour of your professional time is way beyond discount and in “personal favor” territory, but you bitch? I will remove that person from my life.

‘I have another job and I enjoy bringing the ‘magic’ to life for children. I do it in my spare time. But thank you very much. I don’t really talk to him except on the odd occasion.’

“Can you do it for free it’s her birthday”

‘Isn’t that why people buy it? Laugh out loud.’
jesus didn’t like it

‘Tell me about this!! Secondly I offer my services for so cheap people do it just for the hell of it!’

‘I wonder why she thinks a princess calls on a young girl’s birthday is such a special request that it warrants a freebie. It’s a bit like going to a bakery and expecting to get free cake because it’s for a birthday… yeah, so you’re getting cake.’
flyfish kicker

‘Well, it really made me laugh.’

Source Reddit u/PaySep03