‘Even if you think of CPM-BJP as father, they are not father’, warns Madan – Khabar 24 Hour IG News

His jury duty to make controversial comments. This time his comment was late. And there has been heat in the state-politics. Yes, he is Trinamool Congress MLA Madan Mitra from Kamarhati. This time, standing on the public stage, the leader of Dordandapratap was heard practically warning the police. He commented that there are spies in the police. And that’s the goal. Trinamool Congress knows how Madan Mitra announced that if BJP heats up Bengal, how to cool it down. Madan Mitra made the belagam comment with a direct warning to the police of Barrackpore Commissionerate.

What exactly did Madan warn? Madan’s friend was heard to warn the police from the open stage. In his words, ‘These three are badmayesh, devils. One BJP, two Congress and three CPM. Remember, we Trinamools know how to pack these three in a bundle and make tarpan in the Ganga of Dakshineshwar. Tell the police, you must forget, Trinamool Congress is the ruling party. A few days ago CPM held a meeting by installing 50 microphones on the road adjacent to the municipality. Did not see you! Turning his face and smiling

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What else did Madan say? The MLA of Kamarhati also commented that there are chars among the police. He said, ‘Not all the police, but there are chars among the police. Just know this, if BJP heats the market of Bengal, how to cool Bengal, Trinamool has its mantra. If necessary, it will be applied. Police of Barrackpore Commissionerate know, Trinamool workers know how to behave. And we run Bengali. Even if you think of CPM-BJP as father, they are not father.’

What exactly are the opponents saying? Madan’s comments have made the opposition vocal. In this regard, BJP leader Rahul Sinha said, ‘The real thing is, as time goes by, Trinamool is declining. And leaders are losing patience. The way government employees have been held accountable for so long, the police have been held accountable, created a climate of fear everywhere and established gangsterism in society and in the workplace. Now they have started to turn their backs. CPM central committee member Sujan Chakraborty said, “It has become clear once again that the Trinamool Party is not running now. Trinamool leaders are fighting over loot, loot, who will get more. The party is now run by the police. District Trinamool is managed by Thana. OC, BDO jointly run the police. And the police are running grassroots. Trinamool has failed, so the police is also failing. Trinamool leaders are getting hot. As a result, they are bending backwards.’


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