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Haveri: BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi lashed out at the Congress in Badagi town of the district. He lashed out that some people behave like intelligent blind people who have eyes like blind people, deaf people who have ears and speech like dumb people. Prime Minister Modi (PM Modi) held Siddaramaiah Jatra in Dudda. Former CM Siddaramaiah talks like Anna Bhagya was given at his house. Then Modi came and counted and said. Now whoever has to put the seal should put Modi’s. But he lashed out at Siddaramaiah saying that he has put his label on it.

Siddaramaiah says that honor and dignity have left shame and happened in my time. Yeddyurappa made an airport in Shimoga. But Siddaramaiah said that I did it myself.

Everything is ours

What did you do? We did what we did, so we came to everything and asked where is the idli. They have come to know that they can come to Vidhansouda with a flower ball and put it in people’s ears.

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CT Ravi

There is no limit to the lies of Congress. If our government brings any project, they claim that it is ours. He lashed out saying that it was we who brought the Indians from Ukraine, I sent Mahadevappa and George.

Bulldozers also operate in Karnataka

There is a difference between BJP and Congress. Muslims do not identify with Shishunala Sharif, but you are also ours. We are ready to carry out a surgical strike if Bin Laden is identified. He said that if the fire comes to Hakoda, like Yogi Adityanath, bulldozers will be started in Karnataka.

CT Ravi said that the choice is yours

Ibrahim Sutaram is our friend and we hug him with love. Then the festival will be for you. For us, the festival will be for you. What happens is up to you. If you too turn out to be bin Laden, Matash is a guarantee, he thundered.

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Siddaramaiah only works in Bandra

Srinivasa Gowda, the MLA behind Siddaramaiah Hindetu contesting from Kolar, has expressed his frustration openly. Siddaramaiah has announced that he will only work in Bandra, otherwise he will retire from politics.

I also did not contest in the election. After calling me and talking to me, I left the field. Now, if you take this decision without asking me, I will be upset.

Pulikeshinagar ‘hand’ ticket fight

A big fight is going on for Pulikeshinagar Congress ticket in Bengaluru. KH Muniappa and Parameshwar are eyeing Akhand Srinivasamurthy constituency. Besides, Sampath Raj and Prasanna Kumar are also lobbying hard for tickets. Akhand Srinivasa Murthy, in fear of losing the field, visited Siddu’s residence and held talks. Speaking later, Akhand Srinivasa Murthy said that I am confident of getting the ticket.