‘Everything went bad because of Bajwa Sahib’ IG News

Imran Khan is looking like a child who fears his parents and says that he is not the only one who has failed in the class, the whole class has failed. They are not talking about their failure, they are saying that everything went wrong because of Bajwa Sahib. Now suddenly their eyes have opened and they have started seeing all the mistakes.

While talking to Fawzia Yazdani in Naya Dur TV program ‘Syapa’, broadcast journalist Nayar Ali Ab Khan Sahib sees mistakes. Before November 29, his narrative was different, but after November 29, his narrative is different. He first said that it was my mistake to give extension to General Bajwa. Now suddenly their eyes have opened.

The reference against Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, MQM’s bringing in a law minister, letting Nawaz Sharif out, going to Russia, even marrying Reham Khan were all mistakes. Imran Khan took help from the establishment in everything from elections to everything else but now they are making them look bad. First they kept on compromising and now they are regretting it.

Our army has given a lot of sacrifices to end terrorism, but now such cases have started again, it is very welcome to hear such a statement from the Chief of Army Staff.

Anchor Tanzeela Mazhar said that Khan Sahib is talking as if he has given a committee to someone and left with his committee. Khan Sahib has taken favors for 4 years but as soon as he left he put all the burden on him. Farah Bibi, Usman Buzdar all brought Bajwa Sahib. Put all the failures on their shoulders. Khan Sahib still does not want to change the date of Pandiwale election. Parvez Elhi will never do such a thing to leave the government of such a big province for the government of a few kilometers only.

In the past, PML-N would have suffered the steps taken to bring their favorite people in the military deployments, but this time they took the best decision that the senior most officer will be the Army Chief.

Program anchor Fawzia Yazdani said that whatever was the narrative of Q-League, they did not allow it to spoil with the establishment. Bajwa Sahib was fine till he brought Imran Khan to power, now when he is no longer in power, he is running the trend of “Who was the impostor?” I have stood firm.


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