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Yanam: According to the National Crime Report, Andhra Pradesh is the number one supplier of ganja. Especially from the Visakha Agency, there is a huge movement of ganja to different areas. But wherever ganja is caught across the country, links with Visakha are coming out. In Yanam, the new union territory, the sale of ganja continues freely. Yanam police have stepped up efforts to curb the sale of ganja. They wanted to put a check on the ganja gang that is misguiding the youth by transporting ganja without any control from Andhra. Yanam Police took a step forward….. They interrogated two persons who were recently arrested and obtained information regarding the smuggling of ganja.

On the orders of Yanam SP Balachandran, the police arrested two persons selling ganja in Narsipatnam of Visakhapatnam district. Three thousand five hundred grams of ganja was seized from them. The accused were brought before the media. A case was registered against the accused and sent to remand. CI Shivaganesh and crime team participated in these searches. Read this: Good news for girls.. 1.50 lakhs for them.. Those 2 schemes will be implemented from tomorrow.. What is the eligibility? SP Balachandran advised the youth to stay away from such activities as if they are caught transporting ganja, their future will be ruined. It is warned that strict action will be taken even if someone is known to have supplied it.

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