Expatriate Authority: It is time to resolve the issue of educating the children of workers abroad


Khartoum: Hanadi Al-Noor.

The SecretIG-General of the Sudanese apparatus working abroad, Makin Hamid Terab, stressed the need to find solutions and radical solutions to the issues of educating the children of workers in the diaspora countries, and considered it one of the problems that continued to haunt the education of the children of workers abroad for lean years without resolution. Addressing a workshop on “Education of Sudanese Children in Diaspora Countries” organized by the General Administration of Communities and the Economy of Migration at the Sudanese Affairs Agency working abroad, he called for the need to find solutions and treatments in terms of education being the first basics of development, stressing that this is one of the crucial issues, adding that it is time to restore rights and address Unresolved issues in light of the country’s realities and in light of change and the aspirations of the people of Sudan after the glorious December revolution and the rising aspirations of the people of Sudan.
McCain commended the movement that took place on October 21 and considered it a continuation of the revolution and its keenness to bring about real change, and called for the importance of the crisis breaking out of the intersections that occur in the revolution these days to achieve the slogan “freedom, peace and justice.”
He added that the country is going through a critical stage that requires exit to build a state based on freedom and justice.
He expected the workshop to come out with outputs that would help in the treatment, and he renewed their commitment to implementing the outputs of the workshop despite the complex challenges.

For his part, the educational supervisor, Saif Al-Din Al-Nayer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presented a paper on the issues of educating the children of expatriates in the countries of the diaspora
Opening branches of Sudanese universities and colleges in the countries of the immigrant and stressed the need to establish regular Sudanese schools in the different immigrant countries and a club to organize and support the groups supervising the work of education, and added that students coming from the diaspora must be granted all the rights guaranteed to students of the Sudanese certificate in their university career, in addition to motivating the outstanding among them to be exempted from Tuition fees and converting their admission to free admission in addition to sending him abroad to prepare for higher studies after absorbing a teaching assistant in
He complained of the limited opportunities for public education in some of the host countries, besides the lack of regular schools to teach the Sudanese curriculum, admitting that there are problems caused by the equations of the Arab certificate and a difference between the two educational levels between Sudan and the countries of expatriation.
He added that there are people who have nothing to do with education who control the issues of educating the children of expatriates.

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