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facts about sir shriram, you should keep photos of shriram at home, Which pictures of shri ram should you keep in the house?, | Which images of Shri Ram should be kept in the house: Husband and wife should keep the images of Sita and Ram, mutual love remains in the family because of Ram Darbar. IG News


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  • Facts about Lord Shriram, You should keep photos of Shriram at home, Which pictures of Shri Ram should you keep in the house?,

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Many images of Shri Ram are available in the market, among these images we should keep Shri Ram images in the house as per our wish. In astrology and Vaastu, the meaning of all images is different and looking at these images gives different results. Know the special things related to Shri Ram images…

(Graphic: Kunal Sharma, Sketch: Sandeep Pal)

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Start your day with Ram: The first praise of Shri Ram is a morning remembrance written by Agastya Muni, this praise is said as soon as the eyes open….

If you are a devotee of Ram and want to start your day with the name of Ram, then Shri Ram Pratah Smaran Mantra is the first praise. It was written by Agastya Muni. Each verse of this describes the form of Shri Rama.

There is a rule to say this praise while sitting in bed, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Agastya Samhita says that starting the day by reciting this hymn helps one stay energized throughout the day. The mind does not wander when the day begins with Rammay. Read the full news…

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