Faith gathered for the darshan of Doctor Hanuman. Doors open at 12 o’clock in the night, devotees are arriving on foot, eight hundred soldiers deployed for security IG News

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In Bhind district, there is a flood of faith on every small and big temple regarding Budhwa Mangal Utsav. The biggest crowd was at the famous Dandraua Dham and Kankshi Sarkar Hanuman Temple of the district. The doors of Dandraua Dham Temple were opened from 12 o’clock in the night. Hanuman ji was given special makeup in the morning. Havan puja and kirtans were organised.

Believers are coming in large numbers on foot from many kilometers away to have the darshan of Lord Hanuman. The temple management committee is talking about about one lakh people visiting till 8 am in the morning. The district and police administration have made appropriate security arrangements in the temple premises, so that people do not face any problem in having darshan.

As soon as the doors opened, devotees had darshan at 12 o'clock in the night.

As soon as the doors opened, devotees had darshan at 12 o’clock in the night.

Outside visitors had started arriving as soon as the sun fell on Monday evening. He returned after having darshan after midnight when the doors opened. Many groups from Mehgaon and Mau town are reaching Dandraua Dham on foot. The devotees are the first to reach the temple and have darshan of Doctor Hanuman. After this, Mahamandaleshwar was receiving blessings from Mahant Ramdas Maharaj.

Devotees walking on foot from Mehgaon town to Dandraua.

Devotees walking on foot from Mehgaon town to Dandraua.

Devotees arriving via three routes

In view of security arrangements, on the instructions of Superintendent of Police Mani Khatri, about eight hundred policemen will be deployed in the temple premises and surrounding areas. There are three access roads to reach the temple. Among them, people coming from Ghamuri coming from Mau, Chiraul coming from Mehgaon and Madrauli coming from Gohad area are reaching the temple. In order to avoid any traffic problem, four wheelers are being stopped at the said villages only. Devotees can easily reach the temple complex on foot from there. Relief has been provided to the devotees coming on two wheelers. Although two wheelers will not reach near the temple premises, there is a provision to stop them at some distance and park them in the fields.

Famous Kankshi Sarkar Hanuman Temple of Lahar area.

Famous Kankshi Sarkar Hanuman Temple of Lahar area.

Fair organized at Kankshi Sarkar Temple

After Dandraua Hanuman Temple, Kankshi Sarkar Hanuman temple occupies the second place in the district. A fair of faith was organized here also. Lakhs of devotees are reaching the temple premises. Devotees worship this place as Judge Hanuman. After the demise of Mahant Lallu Maharaj of the temple, Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Ramdas Maharaj is also occupying the throne of this temple. There is responsibility for the management of both the temples.