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Fake narcotics officer arrested, Dahihanda police action

Fake Narcotics Officer Arrested

Akola, Dahihanda police has arrested a fake person posing as Narcotics Officer. It is learned that he chose this path because his dream of becoming an officer remained unfulfilled. The accused has been identified as Nadeem of Chohotta Bazar. According to the information received, he was roaming fearlessly by putting a sticker of the mobile squad on his four-wheeler.

He used to go to many people in the guise of an officer and inquire after inspecting them. At the same time, he used to threaten to fine by showing the mistake. After that, he used to recover the amount by compromising. On getting his information, PI Surendra Raut of Dahihanda police station arrested him.

Nadeem was roaming in the area posing as a fake undercover officer of the Narcotics Department. Not only this, he had put a board on the four-wheeler as an officer of the Narcotics Department in Delhi by putting a lamp on it. According to sources, he had also promised to give jobs to 3 youths. Dahihanda police has arrested him and started investigation. Information about his crimes will come out in the investigation, says the Dahihanda police.