Families concerned over loss of cat at Logan Airport after flight from Germany to Boston – NECN IG News

A Massachusetts family is seeking answers from the airline that lost track of their beloved black cat after flying back to the US from Germany, where they lived for 15 years.

A 4-year-old cat named Rowdy has been missing since Friday.

The German airliner Lufthansa told Rowdy’s human parents that the cat broke out of its cage while unloading, and has not been able to track him since.

“I went to the cargo area and they said ‘Oh, do you have a black cat?’ [I said] ‘Yeah,’ and they said ‘Well, we don’t know where he is now,’ said Patty Sahli.

Sahli has been worried and frustrated since leaving to pick up her husband and their beloved cat at Boston’s Logan International Airport last Friday. Both were flying from Frankfurt, Germany. Rowdy was in a hard-travel carrier aboard the cargo.

Sahli said, “When they were taking her out of the cargo area, she came out of the cage and was chasing a bird and three of their workers followed her in search of her, but they could not take her “

That’s what Lufthansa told Sahli in an email on Sunday. He also said that customs agents sent a K9 unit to search for Rowdy, while Massport’s animal control set a trap, but to no avail.

“She has bright green eyes; softest coat ever; she’s a very vocal, fast cat. She goes and gets into things,” Sahli said. “We joke that she inspects every box and every bag, and she’d be great at airport security.”

It has become a day of constant agony to learn what has happened to Rowdy, what it meant to be a happy family reunion.

“I think it’s been too long and I’m worried about him,” Sahli said.

NBC10 reached out to Boston Lufthansa to find out what else is being done to help find Rowdy. The company did not return a request for comment, although they told Sahli that their customer response department in New York would now handle the matter.


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