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Famous Holland actor enters Islamic circles

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Famous Dutch actor and social media influencer Donnie Roelwink has entered Islamic circles. He embraced Islam after reciting Kalima Tayyaba in a local mosque.

Dhoni is regarded as an influential public figure and model on social media. They were shown reciting Kalma Shahadat inside a mosque in a viral video on Instagram.

of a foreign news agency According to the report Actor and singer Donny Rolnik officially converted to Islam on Friday, April 19, by reciting Kalma Shahadat on a microphone at a local mosque. The video went viral on Instagram.

News of his conversion to Islam created a sensation on social platforms, with his Muslim fans welcoming him to Islam with open arms.

One fan wrote: “Masha Allah,” another wrote, “Masha Allah, Islam is the only religion that is growing. Alhamdulillah,” a third user commented. “Such great news,” while a fourth commented: “Welcome.”

As his Instagram profile shows, Dhoni has been visiting the mosque frequently over the past few weeks. Observe Ramadan activities and recites the Quran, which is a clear sign of his faith.


It should be remembered that last year the One Championship flyweight Muay Thai champion also embraced Islam.

In 2022, actor Donnie Rolwink had an accident that broke five of his ribs and affected his lungs. At the time he was also diagnosed with cancer.

With this condition So he became close to Allah. After that he decided to convert to Islam. Congratulatory messages have been sent to foreign actors on social media by Muslims around the world who have embraced Islam.


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