Farah Khan was seen in slippers during Ganpati Puja, when people interrupted her she said – I was out of the house IG News

People trolled Bollywood director Farah Khan on social media for worshiping wearing slippers on the occasion of Ganpati festival. Farah Khan had reached Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao’s house, where his wife Chitralekha has installed the Ganesh idol.

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi was also present with Farah. When Farah posted this photo on Instagram, people interrupted her. In the picture posted by Farah Khan, she is seen with Huma and Chitralekha. He was wearing slippers during this time.

Regarding this matter, users asked him why Ganpati was worshiped wearing slippers. On this issue, Farah Khan started giving clarification to those who asked questions. Farah told the questioner that she was outside the house when the photo was taken but thanks for pointing this out.

Farah Khan's answer
Farah Khan’s Jawa

While Farah Khan gave this answer, another user wrote to the commenter that his mind is poisonous, his eyes fell on the slippers only. People also expressed concern that a fatwa might be issued because of their Ganpati puja. One user Waqar Ali wrote ‘Go away forgiven’.

Earlier, Bollywood actress Sara Khan was also criticized by fundamentalists for doing Ganpati Puja and raised questions about her being a Muslim. Sara has also installed Ganpati, whose photo she had posted.

Sara Ali Khan is not the only one on whom fundamentalists have raised questions, actor Shahrukh Khan has also been trolled a lot by Islamic fundamentalists because of Ganpati establishment. Islamists wrote on Twitter, “If Allah is one then why are you doing all this drama, it is all shirk.” Another person asked Shahrukh to decide whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim.