FBR achieves Rs 6,000 billion tax target: Shaukat Tareen IG News

Shaukat Tareen has said that FBR has achieved the tax target of Rs 6,000 billion.

Former Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said in a message on Twitter that congratulations were made possible due to strong economic growth and tax policies of FBR and PTI.

He said that the existing taxes should not be re-imposed on the productive sectors of the economy and should not go back to over-taxing policies.

Shaukat Tareen said that another major achievement of the PTI government was that the FBR achieved the tax target of Rs 6,000 billion.

On the other hand, Muzammil Aslam has said in a message released on Twitter that the shut-up call is for those who said that Rs 6100 billion tax will not be collected, secondly for those who said that direct taxes are not increasing.

He said that income tax was increased by 31% and sales tax by 28%. If petrol and sales tax had been collected, the collection would have been Rs 6.5 trillion.