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FBR officers and personnel kept asking about the unrest caused by the Prime Minister’s actions.

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Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) After Prime Minister’s Action Concern also spread among FBR officers and officials, and talks were held regarding the formation of an OSD and the transfer of senior officers in all the offices. Many of whom I call friends in Islamabad. Get information on whether the name is included or not. Item or not
According to a private TV Geo News report, there was an atmosphere of panic in the FBR when the Prime Minister commented on the placement of 12 key officials in the Administrative Group to assist in tax evasion and smuggling.
Sources said the number of junior officials has reached hundreds with the addition of dozens of junior officials to the prepared list in the SIFC, according to prepared reports. Officers with good reputation have been included in Category A (A) and they will be posted. in an important position Meanwhile, C-level officers and personnel will be classified as surplus. And there will be an investigation into them. While Type B people are placed in unimportant positions. And they will be monitored. Prime Minister Jung has contacted half a dozen FBR officials regarding the prime minister’s actions and all called the prime minister’s actions correct and commendable.

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