Fed up with poor dental care down to the back teeth IG News

Irshadgul News report,

It’s desperate for those concerned, and it’s also bad news for other strained public services: A man came into A&E at Memorial Hospital needing emergency treatment and had his tooth pulled out.

We are paying more taxes than at any time since the 1940s, and yet a basic and vital service is just as bad. It cannot be just because of the pandemic.

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What are we doing to actively eliminate this skills shortage? The shortage of nurses, doctors and dentists is a national emergency. We should have a workforce of enthusiastic people going to schools and call on the youth to do their patriotic duty and instead go for media studies courses, train people to help medically. These jobs don’t pay badly and are pretty much guaranteed for life.

And, finally, if people already living in our communities can’t get dental treatment, what does it say for all the thousands of people who will soon be moving into the new homes dotting Darlington – building should be allowed only if the developer works with the authorities to provide vital services such as dentistry.

Having a tooth desert is not a good image for a town. Why would a civil servant want to come here if he has to wait three years for a filling?


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