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Tell us about yourself where you are from and what you studied in college

I joined EY Technology Consulting Graduate Program in Sept 2021. I am from North Carolina in the USA and I moved to Ireland in 2017 to complete my bachelor’s degree in commerce at UCD and my master’s degree in digital innovation at Smurfit School of Business. ,

What attracted you to the graduate program?

Since starting university I have been very interested in the role that technology can play in positively changing our world. My time as an undergraduate gave me the opportunity to research and better understand leading organizations in this field.

How is the graduate program?

The program gives you great exposure to a whole range of different projects and clients.

While I have worked primarily as a financial analyst, I have also been able to explore things such as project management, data analysis and technical management, while noting how to solve new and complex challenges in areas such as sustainability. How the firm works with clients, strategy, cyber and organizational change.

From day one I felt a warm welcome from the entire team and the guidance I have received every step of the way has been helpful in understanding how I can progress in my career.

How important is mentorship to you?

Mentorship has been one of the most valuable elements of my time so far. Once I joined, I was immediately part of a team that was working on a fast-paced project, so I hit the ground running. It was challenging and felt a bit daunting too, but the support I was given was fantastic. My colleagues have provided plenty of guidance on how to succeed and develop my skills.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This experience has been invaluable and I am now 100 percent clear that technical consulting is what I want to do. I hope to gain extensive experience in five years before settling into a specific role.

What is your advice to graduates applying to the program?

The best advice I can give is to feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone. While outgoing is my middle name, I had to develop a lot of new practical and technical skills, understand new processes, and navigate a whole new world of work – it was a real challenge at times. I feel that spirit of adventure and curiosity has helped me perform well and deliver excellence for my clients.