FIFA WC 2022: Emi Martinez Explains Reason Behind Obscene Gesture IG News

Dulal De, Doha: Huge barpost behind. Ball at Muani’s feet in the box just ten yards out. Only Emiliano Martinez is ahead. The entire stadium closed its eyes in fear. Argentina fans could hear their own heartbeats. The very last moment of the match. Muani is ready to take the shot. Martinez left the goal. Spread two pairs of arms and legs like Spiderman. Muani’s shot stuck on the left leg of Messi’s last defense. Experts say, this is the best save in this World Cup. This save of Martinez brought the World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022) to Messi. Even if it was a fraction of a second late to leave the goal line, the address of France would have been written on the World Cup instead of Argentina. Mbapera would become the champion twice in a row.

Last year’s Copa (Copa America) final against Brazil before the incident. Emi Martinez went straight to Messi’s room. He said, “I can give my life for you.” The rest is history. Messi won his first trophy, the Copa America, without winning a trophy for the senior team. And this time he brought the World Cup in the hands of his favorite captain. Why is this just an extra time saver? France’s shot was also blocked in the tiebreaker. It was there that the morale of the French hit rock bottom. After that, FIFA did not have any difficulty in giving Martinez the ownership of the ‘Golden Gloves’ as the best goalkeeper of the World Cup.

[আরও পড়ুন: খেলার নিয়মভঙ্গ হয়েছে! ফাইনালে মেসির দ্বিতীয় গোল বাতিলের দাবিতে উত্তাল ফুটবল বিশ্ব]

But what did he do standing on the award stage! Golden Gloves (Golden Gloves) gave such indecent poses to the photographers, which became the center of controversy. Especially in Qatar. So for so long he spoke against the various laws of Qatar on various issues? Said, “This is the answer to what the French did to me during the tiebreaker.” Perhaps because he was so excited, he asked for a minute’s silence in the name of Mbappe during the celebration in the dressing room.

Martinez was so happy. The funniest man in Messi’s team. After the match, he told how much tension Martinez was under. He said, “I know what a terrible situation I went through. The moment we go ahead by scoring, we have to score at the very moment. An incredible match was underway. I realized that I was getting into a difficult situation. Thank God very much. In the end we got the trophy. That’s why I dreamed of becoming a footballer since childhood.”

But the last moment? When Muani took the ball and almost scored? The goalkeeper who received the golden gloves of the World Cup was still gasping while talking about the moment. “God was helping. His shot was blocked because I was able to raise my left leg at the right time.” The Argentinian goalkeeper also explained what his state of mind was like during the tiebreaker. “I was strangely calm during the tiebreaker. I kept a cool head and just did my job. That’s it,” laughed Emiliano Debu Martinez, the world’s number one goalkeeper at the moment.

[আরও পড়ুন: আধুনিক মহামারী নিঃসঙ্গতা! দক্ষিণ কোরিয়ায় কয়েক হাজার মধ্যবয়সির মৃত্যু]

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