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Sao Paulo: After Brazil’s defeat at the hands of Croatia in the quarter-finals of the World Cup (FIFA World Cup 2022), there was silence in the football-crazed country. People from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro celebrated when Neymar scored in extra time. But their happiness was short-lived as Croatia defeated Brazil in the penalty shoot-out after scoring an equaliser.

Sergio Faria, a 34-year-old engineer watching the match while sitting in a bar in Sao Paulo, said he sat calm when the penalty shootout began because he believed the semi-final would be played between Brazil and Argentina.

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He said, “It is a strange feeling. Croatia scored but Brazil wasted many chances. This is the strangest case of Brazil being out of the World Cup. “I still don’t understand why our coach Tite chose Vinicius Júnior over Antoni,” said the football fan. I don’t understand why Neymar was not sent off for taking the first penalty in the shootout. I don’t know why Brazil didn’t take a more aggressive approach.”

In the penalty shootout, Rodrigo and Marquinhos missed their shots, leaving Neymar behind. Fifty-six-year-old Neyla Burley broke down in tears after the match. A die-hard fan of the Brazil football team went missing after the Burley match. She sat on a sidewalk in Vila Madalena, where preparations had been made to celebrate Brazil’s progress to the semi-finals to samba music.

He said, “We need to have a foreign coach again for the title. We thought Tite was the best for us but he failed again. I think when we were minutes away from reaching the semi-finals, we had to not let Croatia score.

From Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to various cities in the country, people had made preparations to celebrate, but after the match was over there was a pall of gloom and people started crying. In São Paulo, Giovanna Arcanjo was worried not only for herself but also for her crying daughter, Ana Luiza.

He said, “It is very emotional and sad. He had high expectations from Brazil. The lock screen of his mobile phone had the World Cup trophy while the cover of his phone had pictures of the players. We thought that this time we would win the sixth World Cup title but it did not happen. It was a similar atmosphere on Copacabana beach where thousands of people had come to celebrate Brazil’s victory but in the end there was silence. (agency)


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