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File Photo: ANI

Hinganghat (No.) A house caught fire due to a short circuit in Yenora village. After this incident happened during the afternoon, there was a commotion in the campus. The farmer had brought home the farm goods. It is being told that there was a loss of lakhs of rupees. Tushar Bhaiya Kakade’s house in Yenora In the afternoon, a fire broke out due to short circuit, the fire took a furious form.

As soon as the news of the fire broke out, the citizens of the village rushed to the spot and succeeded in controlling the fire by pouring water from the side boring, but the entire contents of the house were burnt to ashes in the fire, in which many household items including TV were reduced to ashes. The farmer’s family had brought home the farm produce, in which four gunny bags, tur and agricultural materials got burnt.

The villagers got control of the fire after a lot of effort. Fortunately, there was no loss of life, but the family is in trouble because of this fire, the citizens are demanding that immediate help should be given to the victim’s family.


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