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Mexico: Mexico has once again witnessed a murderous conflict. Bullets rained bullets indiscriminately on the city hall in San Miguel Totolepan, Mexico. Around 18 people have died in the firing incident. The mayor is also among the dead. When the shooting happened, City Hall and its surroundings were in chaos. However, it is said that the number of people killed in this shooting may increase. The reason behind the incident has not been revealed yet.

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A large number of people were present at the city hall at the time of the shooting incident. Miscreants have used dangerous weapons in the shooting incident that took place on Wednesday evening. The video of this incident has also surfaced. It shows a large number of blood-soaked corpses lying in the city hall. Along with that, one can see the way the buildings are left indiscriminately riddled with bullets.

Buses and vehicles were set on fire

According to local media, the death toll may rise. But in the videos and pictures on social media, it is clear that there are only 18 bodies, which are seen lying outside. So far 18 deaths have been confirmed on its basis. The dead included the city’s mayor, Conrado Mendoza, his father, former mayor Juan Mendoza, and 7 municipal police officers. Buses and vehicles were set on fire in Ajubaju area along with firing in the city hall.

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