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the assumption that an article published in cricket Linking the Murdoch family to the deadly US Capitol riots in January 2021 did not cause serious harm to Lachlan Murdoch is “ridiculous”, the Federal Court heard Friday morning.

Murdoch is suing cricket’s publisher Private Media, journalist Bernard Keane and cricket’s Editor-in-Chief Peter Frey.

At the case’s first hearing, Murdoch’s barrister Sue Chrysantho SC told the court that the article, which was written by Keane and published on June 29 and republished on August 15, accused Murdoch of being “associated with covert criminality.” charged, resulting in death”.

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In the January 6 riots in which five people were killed, nearly 2000 people entered the US Capitol building following former US President Donald Trump’s statements that the November 2020 election was “stolen by radical-left Democrats”.

cricket Because of Fox News’ ownership of the Murdoch family, the Murdoch family was named as an “unknown co-conspirator” of former US President Donald Trump, which amplified these statements.

Most of the proceedings this morning were related to the preparation of a timetable for the hearing. Justice Michael Vigney indicated that the earliest possible date for the proposed nine-day hearing would be March 27 next year, but that the parties would return to court on October 10 for an interdisciplinary hearing.

Private media is using a new public interest defence, which is likely to be the first test of the law in Australia. In addition, a new “serious harm” test is now law in most parts of Australia, including NSW, where the test will be conducted. The publisher denies that the article satisfies the grievous harm test, a matter that was vigorously disputed in court this morning.

Chrysantho said the provision was intended only to “end trivial, annoying, backdoor disputes”.

On Wednesday, Private Media CEO Will Hayward released a statement and video.

“Fighting this battle is risky and we are not foolish enough to predict its outcome,” Hayward said.

“However, we recognize that an issue of fundamental public importance is at stake, and that is why we are defending the case brought against our company and our journalists.”

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