First indigenous fighter helicopter ‘Pranchanda’ deployed along China border IG News

– 10 helicopters capable of eliminating Sino-Pakistani air defense system included in Air Force and Army

– Able to destroy targets 700 km away from a height of 6500 meters, the range of ‘Prachand’ is more than that of the American Apache.

– There is no better occasion than to hand over Prachanda to the Air Force in Rajasthan, the land of warriors: Rajnath

New Delhi: India has achieved another success in the defense sector. Prachanda, the first indigenous war helicopter made in India, has been inducted into the Indian Air Force and Army. This aircraft will be deployed along the China-Pakistan border. The availability of light weight but dangerous to enemy (LCH) type helicopters has increased the capability of the army. 10 such helicopters have been handed over in the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh also flew in this helicopter.

Meanwhile, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that with this indigenous combat helicopter, not only the security of the country will be strengthened, but also the indigenous production in the defense sector will be encouraged. There could be no better time to induct this helicopter into the Air Force from Rajasthan, the land of warriors, on the occasion of Navratri. Air Force Chief Chaudhary said that these helicopters have proved their capability even in the Himalayan mountains. The specialty of this helicopter is that it can face enemies in every season. Also, the capability of this helicopter is such that it can destroy the air defense system of enemy countries.

There are claims that the enormous helicopter is more capable than the US Apache helicopter. The Colossus is considered more capable than the Apache in terms of range. The top speed of the American Apache helicopter is 295 km per hour, while the maximum capacity is considered to be 280 km per hour. If the huge helicopter is at a height of 6500 meters from the ground, it can destroy the target even 700 km away from there. While the Apache helicopter can attack the target only 480 km away from a height of 6400 meters. So, in terms of attack range, the massive helicopters made in India are considered more capable than the Apache helicopters of America. At present, 10 huge helicopters today under the chairmanship of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Air Chief Marshal V. R. Presented to the Indian Air Force in Jodhpur in the presence of Chaudhary. Since the borders of Pakistan and China are also hilly, this helicopter will be more useful there. Because the range of this helicopter is more than other helicopters. These helicopters are manufactured by major aerospace company ‘Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’ HAL.

Features of the ‘Gigantic’ Helicopter

‘Colossal’ can attack even at night, will prove more deadly against China

Air-force officials say these advanced light helicopters share similarities with the Dhruva in having ‘stealth’ capability (the ability to evade radar), a special armored defense system capable of operating at night. So even at night they can find the enemy troops and attack them.

It has two engines weighing 5.8 tonnes that drive two propellers. The firing of various weapons in it has already been tested.

Rs. In March, it was approved to buy 15 such helicopters for the Air Force at a cost of 3887 crores. Among the 10 helicopters inducted today, five are for the Air Force and five for the Army.

Helicopters have several features that make them very useful choices for the army during war. It is also useful in detecting the enemy and in self-defence and in destroying the enemy’s air defenses and can also be useful in anti-terrorist operations.

These helicopters can be used to assist the army in ‘bunker busting operations’ even in high altitude areas and in anti-terror operations in cities and forests.

The helicopter has been designed keeping in mind the Indian borders. Able to attack from high altitude due to light weight. Testing of the helicopter has also been done in Ladakh.

There are missiles, 20 mm turret guns, rocket systems and other lethal weapons for air to air attacks. This helicopter can shoot down Chinese drones with missiles. Also can destroy Chinese tanks.

The helicopter is designed in such a way that during emergency landing or crash the helicopter will not be damaged much.


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