Five directors Kannada anthology movie Pentagon will release on 7th April Pentagon: ‘Pentagon’ movie will be released on April 7; 5 stories in one ticket IG News

Guru Deshpande | Pentagon Movie: ‘Pentagon’ movie is attracting attention through songs and teaser. This film, which is made in the style of an anthology, has created expectations for many reasons.

Pentagon: 'Pentagon' movie will be released on April 7;  5 stories in one ticket

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Quite different efforts are underway in Chandanavan. Among them the director-producer Guru Deshpande They are also making their mark. A compilation of 5 different stories (Anthology Movie) In this way, the movie ‘Pentagon’ has been made. Guru Deshpande, who is in charge of this project, has directed a story along with the production. The release date of this film has been announced. On 7th April Pentagon Movie Will be released. The audience who buys one ticket and comes to the theater will get 5 stories. This movie has created a lot of curiosity because it is a different effort.

The number of movies made in the style of anthology is very rare. The movie ‘Pentagon’ has been produced under the banner of ‘G Cinemas’. Five directors have given action-cuts for 5 different stories in this. Cine lovers are very curious about this film. The film team has announced the release date in the hope that such a different effort will get a good response from the audience.

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Five well-known directors in Kannada cinema have worked for the film ‘Pentagon’. Guru Deshpande, ‘Shivaji Surathkal’ fame Akash Srivatsa, ‘Churikatte’ fame Raghu Shimoga, ‘Brahmachari’ Chandramohan and new director Kiran Kumar have directed one story each. All the talents have come together in this movie.

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Many artists have acted in the cast of ‘Pentagon’. Prakash Belawadi, Kishore, P. Ravi Shankar, Tanisha, Prerana Kambam, Preetika Deshpande, Ravi Nayak, Shruti Nayak, Vamshi Krishna are in this movie. Abhilash Kallathi, Guruprasad M.G. And Kiran Hampapur has done the photography. The film has music composed by Manikanth Kadri.

The movie ‘Pentagon’ has created expectations through songs and teaser. Kishore’s role of a Kannada fighter is somewhat controversial. The song ‘Kamanabillu’ has caught the attention of the young audience. All in all, cinephiles are eagerly waiting to see ‘Pentagon’.

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