Five villages drowned in Manawar. Narmada backwater submerged many houses, people spent the night on rooftops IG News

Manawar20 minutes ago

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Five villages of Manawar have been submerged due to excessive rain. The worst situation is in village Patwar, 20 kilometers away from Manawar. Here, the entire village was submerged due to back water of Narmada river entering about 100 houses. Along with this, Ekalbara, Achoda, Badda, Malangaon and Kothada villages have also been submerged. Santosh Jat of Patwar village told that the entire village has been submerged for 20 hours due to the back water of Narmada. No relief has yet arrived from the administration.

The villagers of Patwar told that due to the rapid rise of Narmada water on Saturday afternoon, the water suddenly increased in the village. The villagers were seen running away. One storey houses have been submerged in village Patwar. Many kutcha houses collapsed there. The village has become an island.

Nitin Patidar, Rahul Patidar of the village said that the villages are drowning to stop the filling of Sardar Sarovar Dam of Gujarat. There is fear in the village due to continuously increasing back water on Sunday. Dinesh Malviya told that he spent the night on the rooftops of the houses in the dark on Saturday night. The villagers are leaving their homes and going elsewhere.

Dinesh Jat told that the villagers have kept their belongings in other people’s houses. Some packed it in a tractor-trolley. All the villagers are coming together and helping in providing food. Mukesh Bhagoria of Narmada Bachao Andolan said that due to the back water spreading due to the dam, hundreds of villages have been submerged without rehabilitation.

Officials did not come to take care of the drowned village

Villagers said that since Saturday no responsible officer has arrived to take care of the drowned village Patwar. Sarpanch Jagdish Kanel, Rakesh Patidar and villagers told that water has come all around the village. The entire village is submerged and water has entered about 100 houses. Only 4 houses here are out of submergence.

About 100 bighas of agricultural land in the village is becoming an island. There is no way to get into it. Crops are getting spoiled in the fields. No administration official has come here yet to take care. The village Panchayat building has also been submerged. Rameshwar Malviya said that he has demanded from the administration to set up camps in all the submerged villages.

The road to the village was closed

Due to rapid rise in the water level of Narmada backwater and Maan river, the road to the village has also been closed. Villager Sanjay told that by 11 am on Sunday the water is gradually decreasing. Manawar NVDA official Charan Singh Khare said that about 5 villages have been submerged due to Narmada water. This includes Patwar, Ekalabara, Achoda, Barda, Malangaon and Kothada. Apart from this, the situation of other villages is also bad due to water.

Administration is conducting survey sitting at home

Jayas National Patron MLA Dr. Hiralal Alava reached the flood affected villages. He said that the government has left those who drowned in the hands of God. The government and administration are conducting surveys sitting at home. MLA Alava has written a letter to CM Shivraj Singh asking him to immediately deploy disaster management team in the villages affected by floods in the Narmada river due to torrential rains in the last 24 hours in Manawar assembly constituency. There has been a demand to send a team of specialist doctors for proper accommodation and health of the victims in the relief camp. The MLA said that in Manawar assembly constituency, many villages along the banks of river Narmada including Ekalbara, Achoda, Semalda, Sharikpura, Barda, Malangaon, Gopalpura, Kothra, Ratwa, Patwar Samjipura, Gogaon have been submerged.