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Islamabad: Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan does not seem to be getting any relief despite getting relief from the Supreme Court. The Shahbaz government’s legal net is getting tighter on them. Police forces have surrounded the PTI chief’s official residence at Lahore’s Zaman Park, turning the area into a camp. All roads leading to the house have been blocked. Electricity in the area has also been cut off.

The government has alleged that 30 to 40 terrorists have taken shelter in Imran’s house. At the same time, reports are coming in that the Shahbaz government has advised him to flee to London or face the Army Act and be prepared for life imprisonment or hanging. It is being said that Imran is also considering options with party leaders at his home.

The tension between Pakistan army and Imran Khan has increased a lot. The army is very upset with the attacks on army establishments, public places by PTI supporters after Imran’s arrest on May 9. The army has spoken of taking action against him under the Army Act. Recently, a meeting held by Army Chief General Syed Naseem Munir at GHQ decided that the May 9 attack was part of a well-planned conspiracy. These attacks include demolition of historical buildings, damage to military installations, desecration of martyrs and memorials.

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On the other hand, in a series of tweets on Wednesday, Imran expressed fear of his assassination and said that this may be my last tweet. Because, the army has done all the planning to kill me. At the same time, Khan also opened up about his move to London in his tweet, in which he said that he will not leave the country until there is not even a drop of blood left in his body. At the same time, he said, ‘The government wants to keep my wife Bushra Begum behind bars for 10 years after prosecuting her for sedition.’

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