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Flour mill changes wheat procurement size

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Pakistan Flour Mills Association has changed the scale of wheat procurement. Instead of purchasing per pile Procurement will be carried out in the amount of 102 kg.

Flour Mills Association president Asim Raza said we are incurring losses because of the way wheat is purchased per bale. The Punjab food department is to supply wheat to flour mills in Bardana.

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He said that in many districts of Punjab, including Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, the 102 kg system is being used due to the poor quality of soil and gravel in the wheat purchased from traders. Mill owners will suffer losses. Price of flour according to this ratio

Anjuman Ahartiyan Ghala Mandi Punjab president Rai Ehsan said the flour millers rejected the association’s decision. Wheat traders of Punjab will sell wheat according to the current procedure.

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