For Priyudi..a woman who came to India from Bangladesh facing a river IG News

For Priyudi..a woman who came to India from Bangladesh facing a river

Woman swims to India from Bangladesh: In the meantime, get acquainted through social media and fall in love. Girlfriend coming for boyfriend, boyfriend coming for girlfriend has become a habit. They like each other with social media and are ready to go as far as they can. A young woman has done a big adventure for a boyfriend she is familiar with on Facebook. A crocodile in the water, a tiger on the bank but a lover on the other side of the river but a Bangladeshi young woman did not back down for fear of tigers and crocodiles. Boundaries did not prevent her from reaching her boyfriend. The desert, the flow of water did not water down her concept. She came to India after swimming for hours to meet her lover in West Bengal, India and marry him. She crossed the penitentiary to flee the bereaved.

According to police sources, the friendship that arose six months ago with Abhik Mandal, an Indian woman, and Krishna Mandal, a Bangladeshi woman on Facebook, turned into love. Krishna .. decided to marry Abhik. However, she did not have a passport or visa to come to India. With this, the Royal Bengal Tigers entered the Sundarbans, also known as the Bengal Tigers. The young woman then planned to swim in the river for an hour to enter the southern 24 parganas of Bengal. Ignoring the dangers of crossing the dangerous jungle four days ago, Krishna swam the river for an hour and entered Kaikhali in the South 24 Parganas district of Bengal. From there the boyfriend took her in the car. The couple then went to the Kalighat temple and got married.

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After the wedding the two spent happily but the bravery shown by Krishna for love that note reached this note and finally reached the police. Krishna Mandal was arrested by the Narendrapur police station on Monday on charges of trespassing into India. It is learned that the authorities will hand over Krishna to the Bangladesh High Commission. However, for those who have been acquainted with Facebook many times in the past, there have been many incidents of lovers crossing the Pakistan-Bangladesh border into India and smuggling from India to Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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