For using banned plastic and littering Rs. A fine of 47 thousand was collected IG News

Updated: Mar 2nd, 2023

The Solid Waste Department of Manpa arrested 115 Assamese and took action

73 bridges confiscated from 4 Assamese during Rajaka drive, violence among Assamese due to municipal action

Bhavnagar: The Solid Waste Department of the Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation on Thursday took action to collect fines against the assamists who use banned plastic and litter. Apart from this alfalfa was also seized. Due to the strict action of the municipality, there was a crisis among the Assamese.

In order to reduce the consumption of banned plastic in the city, the Solid Waste Management Department of the Municipal Corporation seized approximately 11.0 kg of banned plastic from 6 Assamese who were using banned plastic in the city wards and collected a total of Rs. A fine of 6700/- was levied. Apart from this, an investigation was conducted today in the R1P shop in Pan-Mawa, in which around 17 kg of banned plastic was seized from 87 shops and worth Rs. A fine of 33,500 was levied. Those who don’t keep dustbins and spread garbage by throwing garbage everywhere are fined a total of Rs. A fine of 7,000/- was levied. After checking by the sanitary inspector in the city, 73 bundles of alfalfa were seized from Assamese who were selling alfalfa and Rs. A fine of Rs.

The Municipal Corporation has requested the citizens to maintain the cleanliness of the city and to use cloth bags/eco friendly/biodegradable bags instead of using plastic prohibited in the city and not to throw waste anywhere in dustbins and temple bells. As the municipality continued strict action, panic spread among the people including the traders.


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