‘Foreign’ cheetahs are feeding endangered ‘native’ cheetahs? All the Bishnoi community protested IG News

#New Delhi: On September 17, Prime Minister’s birthday in India, 8 leopards from Namibia in Africa! Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself opened the wildlife in the forest on his birthday The Prime Minister himself released them from their cages on Saturday at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. For now, the park’s special enclosure is the address for new quadrupeds.

The Bishnoi community claims that cheetahs are being supplied to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh as food for cheetahs brought from Namibia. Cheetah deer is on the verge of extinction. The community, which stands against the killing of wildlife, strongly protested the incident. They have written a letter to the Prime Minister requesting to consider the matter. In a letter to the Prime Minister, the All India Bishnoi Mahasabha chief said the news of sending deer for cheetahs is very painful. Cheetahs have long since disappeared from the country, the government has brought them in from outside. However, no effort is being made to save the wild animals that are facing extinction in the country.

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A total of eight cheetahs arrived at Gwalior airport from Namibia in a special flight under the supervision of the Indian Army on Saturday morning. After that, they were sent to Kuno National Park by Indian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter. At first it was decided that they would reach Kuno National Park in an Indian Air Force Chinook helicopter But if they were inconvenienced by noise, the Mi-17 helicopter was chosen instead of the Chinook.

Incidentally, Asiatic cheetah once lived in India But with the passage of time, their number is gradually decreasing The last surviving cheetah in India died in what is now the Koria district of Chhattisgarh In 1952, the entire species was wiped out or extinct in this country After 70 years, the swiftest and fastest quadrupeds came to India Narendra Modi thanked the Government of Namibia for sending cheetahs to India for this project

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But experts warn, cheetahs coming from Namibia may have trouble adapting to the new environment Moreover, Kuno National Park already has a lot of leopards There are currently 7,000 endangered cheetahs in the world They live mainly in the savanna grasslands of Africa On the other hand, India has a total of 52 tiger projects Covering an area of ​​about 75,000 sq km in 18 states, these sanctuaries are home to about 75 percent of the world’s wild tigers.

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