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At first, Ajay Baines was not keen on the idea.

Longtime friend and author Sean Campbell approached him with the notion of writing a book about Baines’ life in hockey, and the challenges he faced after being diagnosed with diabetes in his teens.

Baines — a former junior star with his hometown Kamloops Blazers who played professionally for 10 seasons — was leaning toward saying no.

But when Campbell suggested that the book might be for children, Baines changed her mind.

“We were both fathers at the time, and … it’s a completely different perspective,” Baines said on CBC’s dawn kamloops, “The more they talked about it, and read me parts of the book, I was like, ‘This sounds really cool, and let’s do it.'”

Stand Out: The True Story of Hockey Hero Ajay Baines is co-authored by Sean Campbell and Ajay Baines, and illustrated by Lana Lee. (Jennifer Norvell/CBC)

Today this book is on the virtual shelf of Amazon. Co-authored by Campbell and Baines, and illustrated by Lana Lee, it’s called Stand Out: The True Story of Hockey Hero Ajay Baines,

By telling Baines’ story through its soulful, sing-along lyrics, it aims to inspire youth to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

If Bobby Clarke could do it, so can Ajay

Baines, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 16, said his first concern was whether he would still be able to play hockey.

Diabetes prevents a person’s body from making enough insulin, and low insulin levels can result in fatigue, irregular or fast heartbeat, headache, nausea, and other symptoms. People with diabetes must monitor their blood sugar levels and take insulin injections when necessary.

But when Baines’ doctor asked him if he had heard of Bobby Clarke – a famous member of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers in the 1970s and 1980s – and then told him that Clarke was diabetic, Baines said he knew. that he can continue his career.

“Immediately, you’re like, ‘Oh, then you can play hockey with this,'” Baines said.

Bernie Parent, left, and Bobby Clarke celebrate Philadelphia’s second and last Stanley Cup in Buffalo in 1975. He said that seeing Clarke suffer from diabetes inspired Baines to continue with her career. (The Associated Press)

“And then you meet with the nutritionist, and you move on. I mean, it’s a constant learner but … your friends and family and your coaches and your teammates and all of that, everyone’s role in this.” Is.”

Baynes is dependent on insulin and uses a pump. By monitoring himself, eating well and exercising, he said he felt better day by day.

As a 17-year-old—the year he was told he had diabetes—Baines earned a roster spot with the Blazers of the Western Hockey League. He played with them for four whole seasons and even became their captain.

After junior hockey, he spent one season in the minor professional East Coast Hockey League, followed by nine in the American Hockey League (AHL), one step below the NHL.

In 2007, as a member of the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL, Baines scored the Calder Cup-winning goal in a 2–1 victory against the Hershey Bears.

Campbell, who lived near Baines during her childhood, said that Baines’ story could easily be mistaken for fiction.

“I feel like if I had made it a fantasy book, an editor would have been like, ‘Shawn, you need to simplify it, tone it down, you’re laying it on too thick.'”

Stand Out: The True Story of Hockey Hero Ajay Baines Now available on Amazon. Campbell said it would be in bookstores soon.

dawn kamloops7:54Former Blazers captain co-authors book about living with diabetes

Ajay Baines was diagnosed with diabetes while playing junior hockey. Now his story is told in a new book – “Stand Out: The True Story of Hockey Hero Ajay Baines”.


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