Fortified ticket checking campaign at Atarsi Railway Junction 61 ticketless passengers were caught in 8 hours, 44 thousand rupees fine was collected. IG news

Narmadapuram13 minutes ago

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Railways’ ‘Kalabandi’ ticket checking campaign at Atarsi railway junction of Bhopal railway division began on Tuesday. Ticket checking was done from 6 am to noon with the help of 14 ticket checking staff under the supervision of ticket checking supervisors. Crews cordoned off the exit of the station. So that no passenger can leave the station without checking. The 8-hour-long campaign created panic among ticketless passengers. Passenger tickets of 23 trains coming and going to the station were checked. During the investigation, 61 passengers who traveled without tickets were caught. From which a rent/penalty of Rs.44,450 was collected. 113 passengers traveling in sleeper, AC and disabled coaches on general tickets were caught. From which Rs.69,040 fine/rent was collected. Passengers are advised to travel only with proper tickets. A total of Rs 1,13,490 was collected from a total of 174 cases of passengers traveling without tickets and with wrong tickets in the campaign conducted on Tuesday. Passengers are requested to travel with proper tickets only. Do not travel with waiting list e-tickets or platform tickets.