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  • After paying off the loan from the first customer, he sold it to the second.

Nagpur. A case of fraud of Rs 5 lakh was registered in the name of selling an old house under Pardi police station. The accused first got the outstanding home loan of Rs 5 lakh cleared from the customer and then sold the house to another customer and got it registered in his name. The accused was told to be Razia Begum Israel Khan, a resident of Bhawaninagar.

According to the information, Sheikh Irshad Sheikh Sattar, a resident of Puna Road, Pardi, told the police in his complaint that he came to know that Razia wants to sell his house built in 600 square feet. The deal was settled between them for Rs 18 lakh. Razia told Irshad that there is a loan of Rs 5 lakh left on the house. She will get the registry done after paying.

Irshad agreed and settled the deal by paying a token amount of Rs 10,000. After this, he gave Rs 90,000 in cash and two checks of Rs 2 lakh each to Razia. After this, when Irshad wanted to complete the deal by taking a home loan of Rs 13 lakh, Razia refused to sell the house. Also promised to return 5 lakh rupees in 3 months.

Irshad believed it but in the meantime the lockdown was imposed due to the corona epidemic and Razia did not return any amount. In December 2020, he came to know that Razia sold the house to Santosh Pali and Malani and got them registered in their names. As soon as he came to know about the fraud, Irshad lodged a case at Pardi police station. Police investigation continues.


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