Fraud Case: Kolkata police arrested 3 person allegation of gold fraud case recover 3 lakh cash IG News

The accused said that he found gold while digging land in Bhopal and wanted to sell it.

Fraud Case: 3 arrested by Calcutta Police for buying 'gold' for 3 lakh rupees

Kolkata police arrested 3 accused in gold fraud case.

Kolkata: Old articles of gold were recovered from under the ground. 3 persons sold fake goods in the name of gold and stole several lakhs of rupees. But, the last defense did not happen. Finally 3 people were arrested by Kolkata Police. More than 3 lakh rupees were recovered. The news of the arrest of those 3 persons was confirmed by the police on Tuesday night.

According to the police, the names of the 3 arrested persons are Govind Rai alias Rahul, Sunil Rai and Shiva Ram. It is alleged that they sold fake items in the name of gold items to a person for several lakhs of rupees. They were arrested on the charge of cheating and 3 lakh 27 thousand rupees were recovered from the arrested. 3 people have been arrested by the Watch Section of Kolkata Police.

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According to police sources, the complainant met Gobind Roy alias Rahul in front of the municipal garage on AJC Basu Road in Kolkata on December 1. At that time, Rahul told the person that he had found gold while digging land in Bhopal. He wants to sell that gold thing. The complainant agreed to buy the gold articles believing Rahul’s words. Then on the afternoon of December 5, he paid Rahul 3 lakh 27 thousand rupees and bought the fake gold items. After checking, they are not actually gold. He bought fake goods for several lakhs of rupees. After that, without further delay, the person approached the Taltala police station. Later, Lalbazar Intelligence Department took over the investigation of the incident. After a long search and investigation, the police finally arrested the accused Rahul along with his two other companions, Sunil and Shiva. According to Lalbazar, 3 accused have been arrested by the watch section of Kolkata Police and Rs 3 lakh in cash has been recovered from them.