Fraud | Fraud in the name of admission in MBBS, duped of Rs 8 lakh IG News

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Nagpur, In the name of getting admission in MBBS course abroad, the operator of a consultancy duped a businessman of Rs 8 lakh. Police registered a case on the complaint of Sandeep Vinayak Bandiwar (53), resident of Chamorshi, Gadchiroli.

The accused was called Ravi Rajesh Borkar, resident of Dayalu Society, Jaripatka. Borkar runs Infantry Education Consultancy at Patankar Chowk. Sandeep runs a medicine shop in Chamorshi. His son had to take admission in MBBS. An acquaintance told him about Borkar. In May 2017, Sandeep contacted Borkar.

Borkar told that his son can get admission in MBBS course abroad but for this money will have to be spent. Gave information about a total of Rs 16 lakh for educational documents, visa and other fees. Sandeep trusted him and gave a check of Rs.3 lakh. Gave him Rs 5 lakh in cash from time to time.

Even after taking a total of Rs 8 lakh, Borkar did not get his son admitted. Kept evading asking for the money back. After getting upset, Sandeep complained about the incident to the police. Police registered a case of fraud and started investigation.