Friday Mantra: This remedy done on Friday will open your luck… IG News

Kolkata : In the scriptures, Goddess Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth. It is said that to get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi, she should be worshiped with full devotion on Friday. With this one gets rid of financial constraints and happiness and peace remains in the house. Friday is also dedicated to the planet Venus. Venus is also considered to be the factor of wealth and love. On this day, by taking some measures, along with pleasing Mother Lakshmi, we also strengthen the planet Venus.

Lotus flower

Mother Lakshmi loves lotus flower the most. On this day, after taking bath etc in the morning, wear white colored clothes. Along with this, duly worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flower to her.

keep the main door clean

It is said that the house where there is cleanliness, Goddess Lakshmi resides there. For this reason, keep the main gate of the house very clean and sprinkle Ganga water on Fridays. Along with this, make auspicious signs and Swastika on the door. Mother Lakshmi enters the house through the main entrance only.
Do not keep the house dark in the evening

It is said that evening is the time for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. At this time keep the lights of the whole house on. Darkness should not remain in any corner of the house. By doing this negative energy resides in the house and mother Lakshmi does not enter the house.

feed bread to the cow

According to astrology, bread should be fed to the cow on Friday morning. Mother Lakshmi is pleased with this and her blessings will always be on you. There will never be shortage of money in life.

Donate clothes to the poor

On Friday, you can donate clothes to the poor or needy by visiting a temple. It is said that this pleases Maa Lakshmi and showers blessings on the devotees.

Offer these things to Goddess Lakshmi

According to astrology, offering conch, cowrie, lotus, makhana and batasha etc. in the temple of Maa Lakshmi on Friday will be beneficial. This brings financial gain. All these things are dear to Goddess Lakshmi and offering them brings wealth.

Will get freedom from debt

On Friday, five pennies and one silver coin should be tied in a yellow cloth and kept in the vault. With this, money will start coming in, as well as getting rid of old debts quickly.