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Aurangabad8 hours ago

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During the previous 17 presidencies of the G-20, many significant results have come out including achieving economic stability, streamlining the international tax structure, working to reduce the debt of various countries. Now that India is about to take on an important responsibility, at that time I ask my mind – can the G-20 go beyond where it is today? Can we take the initiative to change the mindset for human welfare. Yes, I believe we can do it. Throughout our entire history, what humanity should have been is something lacking. We fought for limited resources, because our survival depended on denying others access to them. Unfortunately, even today we are stuck in the same mentality. Even today, we see this when many countries, territories or battles for resources. We see this when the supply of vital goods is used as a weapon, vaccines are stockpiled by a few despite the risk to billions of people. One might even say that conflict and greed are natural human tendencies. But, I disagree with this. If humans are inherently selfish, then what is the meaning of the many spiritual traditions that have left their lasting imprint on society, preaching the fundamental principle of oneness? Today we can only face the challenges of climate change, terrorism and epidemics by working together. Fortunately, today’s technology is also providing tools to deal with the broader problems facing our humanity. The vast virtual world we live in today reflects the ubiquity of today’s digital technology. Home to one-sixth of the world’s population, and home to enormous diversity in languages, religions, customs and beliefs, India is, in a way, a microcosm of the entire world.

With the oldest tradition of collective decision-making, India has contributed significantly to the foundation of democracy. In India as the mother of democracy, national consensus emerges not from the dictates of a single individual, but from the harmonious blend of billions of voices. Today India is the fastest growing economy in the world. Our model of citizen-centric governance cares for the most marginalized. We have tried to make national development a citizen-centric movement rather than a hierarchical process in governance. We use technology to create digital public content that is fully open, inclusive and interoperable. This led to revolutionary advancements in various areas such as social security, financial inclusion and electronic payments. For all these reasons India’s experiences can provide possible solutions for solving global problems.

During the G-20 presidency, we will present India’s experiences, studies and models, which can be useful as potential guideposts especially for developing countries. Our G-20 priorities will be determined in consultation not only with our G-20 partners, but also with partner countries in the South. Our priority is to enhance our ‘Ek Vasundhar’ by creating harmony in our ‘Ek Family’ and hope for our ‘Ek Future’. We will ensure that the global supply of food, fertilizers and medical products remains depoliticised, so that geopolitical tensions do not create humanitarian crises. We will promote honest dialogue among the most powerful nations about reducing the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction and enhancing global security. India’s G-20 manifesto will be inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented and decisive.

Narendra Modi Prime Minister

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