G20: Pakistan stunned by India-Saudi Arabia agreement in G20, people said on social media – We are ashamed – G20 Summit India Saudi Arabia Agreement Pakistan People React On Social Media IG News

G20 summit India Saudi Arabia agreement Pakistan people react on social media

G20 Summit 2023
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The G20 summit successfully held for the first time in India is being praised all over the world. After participating, all the world class leaders praised India’s hosting and the decisions taken in the summit. This G20 conference was also historic for India, because in it an important agreement was reached to build a corridor between India, Western Asia and Europe. While on one hand this agreement is a big success for India, on the other hand Pakistan is stunned by this agreement. The people of Pakistan have continued to curse their government since the G20 conference.

After the agreement to build a corridor between India, Western Asia and Europe, the people of Pakistan are so upset that they are now feeling ashamed of themselves. Pakistani citizens are calling this a wake up call and demanding change in the government of the country. Pakistani citizens have expressed their anger against the government on social media.

Expressing displeasure through social media

Even after the corridor agreement between India, Western Asia and Europe, the citizens of Pakistan are busy cursing their government. A Pakistani user wrote on social media, ‘If the policy makers in Islamabad had even a little intelligence and awareness, the India, West Asia and Europe corridor would have passed through Pakistan and we too would have become a center of global tourism and connectivity. This is a matter of shame for all of us.

Another user wrote, ‘Asian countries should unite like the European Union. This is necessary for the progress of Asian people. The time has come for us to end the race to outdo each other and unite. Another user wrote, ‘Now I feel ashamed of being a Pakistani. Our country deserves better responsibility, leadership and future. Now the time has come for change and responsible people who actually represent us.

Praising India, one user wrote, ‘I am jealous of India but in this matter, India has achieved this through its hard work.’

These countries are included in the corridor between India, Western Asia and Europe

The agreement for the establishment of the India, West Asia and Europe Economic Corridor was signed at the G20 summit held in Delhi. This will also increase trade and connectivity between Asia, the Arabian Gulf and Europe. This economic corridor includes India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, European Union, France, Italy, Germany and America.