G20: Why only Israeli ‘Taver X95’ gun for the protection of foreign guests, how will Jinping and Sunak be protected? – G20: Why Only Israeli Taver X95 Gun Forprotection Of Foreign Guests How Will Jinping Sunak Be Protected IG News

G20: Why only Israeli Taver X95 gun for protection of foreign guests, how will Jinping Sunak be protected

– Photo: Amar Ujala


Special arrangements have been made for the security of foreign guests in the ‘G20’ summit to be held next month. Specially trained commandos have been prepared for the security of heads of state or heads of government of other countries. These commandos will be equipped with Israeli ‘Taver X95’ and Austrian made ‘Glock’ pistols. The security cordon around the foreign guests will have commandos (in plain clothes) armed with ‘Glock’ pistols. After them, soldiers equipped with Israeli ‘Taver X95’ guns will be stationed at a short distance. These include those commandos who have been trained by the CRPF. The number of such commandos is said to be around one thousand.

Apart from this, 4500 Delhi Police personnel armed with ‘MP5’ carbines will protect the foreign guests. Some countries will themselves take responsibility for the security of their President and Prime Minister. Such countries include America, China and Britain etc.

Real time practice of special squads started

Explain that a special squad of 1000 ‘guards’ has been prepared by the CRPF at the VIP Security Training Center in Greater Noida for the foolproof security of foreign guests. Dozens of CRPF trainers from different parts of the country have trained this special squad. About 50 teams of these guards will be formed. Shifting of all these jawans to NCC ground has started. There they will have real time practice. After that they will reach their place of posting.


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