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Gangamaba Jatara: In Kuppa of Chittoor District there is a Jagat Mata with Sahastra Koti names. By any name, Palike deity is recognized as Kalpavalli, who fulfills the wishes of the devotees. This Tirupati Gangamaba Jatara, which is lit in the heart of Kuppam, has a special identity. Sri Prasanna Tirupati Gangamamba Jatara in Kuppam Every year in the month of May, there is a tradition of holding a Jatara after the Tamil Ugadi festival. It is said that the culture and traditions of Tamils ​​are very important. will be Also, the devotees tend to their plants by putting on many mythological costumes like matangi, banda, bairagi, lime pots, dora, dorasani, king and queen. In one word, the movie Jambalakadipamba comes to mind if the Tirupati Gangamma Jatara is going on in Kuppam.

Devotees believe that Tirupati Gangamma’s mother is the younger sister of Lord Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swamy. Like every year this year also will be celebrated with grandeur from May 09-05-2023 till 24-05-2023.

The first day of the fair starts with Vinayaka Swami, the festival.

Sri Muthu Maramma Utsavs are held every day in the ancient streets of Kuppam. Every day devotees visit the goddess in different costumes and offer prayers. On the first day of the fair, devotees worship the goddess in bairagi and vesham.

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On the second day, they worship the goddess in a rock and a dress

On the third day, they visit the goddess with the best of costumes and costumes. On the fourth day, they visit Amma and take care of their plants dressed as nobles. Also, every day devotees in different costumes visit the Goddess and fulfill their prayers. A large number of devotees participate in the food donation program held in the temple and receive food offerings.

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22-05-2023 On Monday night, special pooja will be performed to Shri Prasanna Muthu Maremma Ammavari, the veil of Ammavari will be removed and the fire pit will be entered. After that, the procession takes place in the Kuppam Puravidhu, 101, in a flower palanquin, and the procession of Amma takes place in the midst of Geriga Nayyandi Telkha poems and Pamba sentences.

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For the convenience of the devotees who come to the fair, the temple committee decorates the entire temple premises with colorful electric lamps and decorates the temple with splendor and provides drinking water to the devotees.

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From the day the fair begins, the temple committee organizes many programs for the people like folk music, musical performances, dance performances, etc. The cooperation of the police plays a very important role in the fair. They are working hard.

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Newly lighted carousels, magic shows, exhibition, many new shops in the vicinity of the temple are entertaining the devotees who come to the temple. After sarva darshan, at 11 o’clock in the night, a special pooja is performed to the goddess and the head of the goddess is removed and left in the well according to the custom. This is called Jala Meguta by the Amma people and the fair ends with that.

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